Best fashion gifts and other gift items to give your loved ones

Giving during the festive season can be tricky, but fashion gift items are never wrong. Almost everyone loves to look good and will appreciate something that can enhance that. You can get fashion items of exquisite taste for your loved ones, here are some of the items you can gift:

A fashion book

Everyone wants to dress and be complimented and treated royally. Since your appearance is the basis for people to have a first impression of you, you do not want to look or be perceives as a fashion accident. A fashion book will help guide your loved ones on how to dress, what fits their shape and what does not, the best choices of fashion materials, how to get ahead in the fashion game, how to dress for different occasions, etc. You cannot completely estimate how much your loved ones will love this fashion book because it is a lifesaver for anyone who has it.


Everyone sure loves stunning jewelry, and different elegant options are suitable to be bought as gifts in the market. Statement jewelry will be a good choice, but you should let this stop you from considering other jewelry pieces as well. To make it more beautiful, consider engraving their names on the jewelry. This adds a personal touch to it. Also, if they recently celebrated something noteworthy, maybe they got married or engaged, you can engrave something sweet on the jewelry in this respect. What matters is not the price of these pieces of jewelry, but the motive behind them. You can consider reading about Mum’s Handmade and other companies that sell handmade jewelry on to know the right company where you can buy customized jewelry for your loved ones.

Mask and chain pairings

Due to the pandemic, it is now mandatory for everyone to wear a mask when they step outside their houses. As such, gifting your loved ones a fashionable mask with a chain to match is a great idea. Ensure that you get both products from sustainable brands. They do not have to be expensive but ensure it is of good quality. Masks nowadays are beyond a means of protection, they have now become pieces of fashion statement and identity. So you can give your loved ones a mask they will be able to make a statement with.

thoughtful gifts

Luxury shoes and bags

These are another set of fashion items you can buy for your loved ones. Rocking a luxury bag with a nice pair of dresses and a beautiful hairdo will mean a lot to your loved ones, so if you have the money, you can go ahead to provide that. You can also get high-quality shoes for them. You can buy both luxury shoes and bags for them either they are male or female. If you know their favorite designers, that will be a plus.

Asides from fashion gifts, there are other gifts you can give your loved ones. Here are some gift ideas:

Air diffuser

Everyone wants their home to smell nice, no one wants to enter their home and feel like they want to puke because of the horrible smell in the atmosphere, neither do they want that for their guests. Your loved ones do not have to be a pet owner or smoker before they appreciate your gift of an air diffuser. You can get one with a smooth and sleek design so that it is adaptable to different types of interiors and with an option to switch the LED light colors if you want something that looks natural. You can make it an all-in-one gift by adding some essential oils to the pack so that they can start using it right away. Ensure you choose a good air diffuser.

Electric bikes

As we have all seen, new ways of commuting in this new normal are in high demand. Electric bikes especially have experienced a surge in popularity and you can be sure that your loved ones will appreciate a chic and stylish electric bike. It is also a means to start cycling and express their bike aficionado. Buy a bike that has a removable, lightweight, and rechargeable battery that can last 70km or more. Also, some come with safety lights and a fall alert in case an accident happens. There are also different ride modes such as fly fast, free, etc. depending on where you are headed and how fast you want to get there. With the increasing rates of bike theft, ensure the bike you are giving as a gift has an automatic lock-up, motion detectors, a visual and loud alarm, and other things needed for protection.

Bluetooth headphones and an instant camera

If your loved ones are lovers of music, one of the best gifts they will appreciate is getting them an instrument through which they can enjoy listening to sublime sounds. With a few amount of money, you can get something stylish, comfortable and long-lasting, staying up to fifty hours at just one charge. Also, an instant camera is a combination of forward-thinking technology and retro nostalgia. For the picture-loving people in your life, this gift is the bomb. They can print images from their smartphones with it and even change recorded sounds into a QR code they can add to their photos.

A smart speaker and some artworks

The smart speaker is just exactly what busy people need; they only have to ask it and it delivers what they want, either read the breaking news, report the state of the weather in different places, play a certain song, give some home cleaning tips, read a resource on the workplace, etc. It is also useful for controlling smart devices in the home like switches and lights, thermostats, television, etc. It is usually sleek and helpful, and a great catch for whoever owns it. Other thoughtful gifts to give your loved ones are artworks either murals, canvas paintings, sculptures, photographs of places, historic people, things, weather, landscape, etc. You can even frame your loved ones’ pictures beautifully and present them as a gift to them. To make your gifts more romantic, you can attach a note saying how much they mean to you and why they deserve such gifts.