How to avoid a no-return policy while buying shoes online?

Suppose you have got your hands on a very cool pair of shoes, but when you put them on, bam, they are pretty small. So, what will you do? You would definitely get in touch with the store and let them know about the problem. And hopefully, you will get a refund or probably the shoes with the correct size. But this scenario cannot actually happen if the store offers a no-return policy. The no-return policy simply means that the store will never exchange or return your money in any scenario in case you do not get the product as per your likings. So, wouldn’t it be very frustrating? It would definitely be!

That is why I am actually going to tell you how to avoid these unfriendly websites and find the ones with a good return policy. So, let’s roll in and see what you can do for that to happen!

Tips on avoiding no-return policy stores while shopping for shoes online!

So, these are the things that you can do, and you will be able to avoid the stores with a no-return policy.

1. Hop to the terms and agreement page!

Most of the stores have separate pages for return policies, deliveries, and the terms, but if there are no separate pages, you can just go to the terms and agreement pages. If there is not even a terms page, you should probably skip that store and find another one. Well, to the point, terms and agreements do state about the return policy, if there is any. You can precisely check it out and see if they will be able to return the products or not later on.

Even if they can return the shoes, you should also check what type of other terms are there. You might have to pay for the delivery fee and service charges for that to happen, so keep that in mind. Besides that, you can also explore Teeamazing as it is a store offering custom products, including some cool shoes. You can really check them out and see if they are a good fit for you.

2. Contact the store directly

Have you ever been in a situation like, “Oh, we forgot to tell you about that, and now this cannot be returned”? Well, most of us have. There might be some hidden terms that the store might not have mentioned on the site, so it is also a great and good idea to contact them directly. You can ask them about all the return policies and if you will be able to return the products with ease or not.

3. Check for buyer’s protection

Many premium stores like Amazon offer buyer’s protection that can be very useful sometimes. It would help you return your items with no problems and get the problem solved with ease. So actually, make sure to check this feature out when shopping for boots. You can also look out for famous stores that are reputable and have got good reviews around to avoid these kinds of situations.


This is how you can avoid shopping from shoe stores having a no-return policy. It is better to use some of your time and check all the details first before ordering anything. So do not wait and start searching for suitable stores now.